Sunday, December 2, 2007

Harmony, Bake Off

After reading about Harmony Vegetarian Restaurant from Luminous Vegans' blog (who I actually got to meet today!) we have been there 3 times and it gets better every time. It is on the outskirts of Atlanta and takes a bit to get there but it so worth the drive. One of my favorite things they have there is actually something they give to use at the start of the meal. I eat it as both a salad and palate cleanser and it is made out of grated carrot, daikon radish and cabbage marinating in a sweet rice vinegar. I am gonna start making this at home because it s that good.
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I got the General Tso's "Chicken" (my new favorite thing there)
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and Jared got the "chicken" with sting beans, which also rocked!
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Today was the 2007 Holiday Bake-Off at Cosmo’s Vegan Shoppe. I ended up making an Amaretto Cheezecake with a cinnamon graham cracker crust. It actually turned out really good . . . But not good enough to win : (
Here are some pictures of the bakeoff goodies:
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Jared and I at the bake off
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It was a lot of fun being in a room full of like-minded people. It was especially cool to meet fellow local vegan bloggers (check them out Luminous Vegans), who we hope to hang out with in the near future.


Theresa said...

What a cool event. A vegan bakeoff! Cool that you got to meet some new people in your area.

Pink Theory said...

yay! we were so happy to meet you and Jared today! your cheesecake rocked and i also totally lurve that daikon radish starter thing at Harmony. Hope to hang out soon!

Leigh said...

Thanks again for coming out!
And yeah, I always have to get The General at Harmony. I simply cannot sway from that dish at all, it's so good.

Vegan_Noodle said...

How cool to get to participate in a vegan bakeoff! I'm sure there were lots of yummy treats to try and awesome people to meet!

Anonymous said...

That is something I definitely miss about living in Atlanta - the different restaurants, including Harmony. Its definitely out of the way, but well worth the trip.

VeggieGirl said...

As with your blog, I LOVE the Luminous Vegans blog - it's so fun reading about fellow bloggers meeting up!! :0)

Mmm, that salad/"palate cleanser" (haha, love it) sounds quite refreshing; and the General Tso's "Chicken" looks delicious as well!!

I'm sorry that your Amaretto Cheezecake didn't win - kudos to you for participating in the event though!!

A Fan said...

When you perfect that daikon, carrot, cabbage salad, please publish the recipe on your blog. It looks delicious and super-healthy!

bazu said...

Yep, that carrot/daikon thing has to be one of my favorite things in the world (it's not for nothing that I nicknamed my husband after the daikon...!)

And a vegan bake-off sounds really awesome. Hey, is that a king cake on the table? This is the wrong time of year!! ;-)

the pleasantly plump vegan said...

Bazu- yeah, i could eat tons of that salad! and YES, it was a King Cake (a really good one) that won Best Take on a Holiday Classic. i guess that did mean any holiday ; )

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

A vegan bake off sounds SO cool! I want to host one now, hehehe.

Ashasarala said...

Wow... that chicken looks so delicious. I live near absolutely no amazing vegan restaurants. The few we do have, I'm starting to get bored of.

And is that Vitasoy I see peeking in the background? I LOVE their chocolate peppermint drink. :)

Ruby Red Vegan said...

it sounds like the bake-off was really fun! your amaretto cheezecake sounds good (especially the crust) - i'm jealous of the people who got to judge (aka EAT) all these baked goods!

your general tso's chicken looks amazing - looks like something i would order at a vegan restaurant!

Veganista said...

Yay for vegan meet-ups and events! And, very cute photo at the bottom there of you two. :)

Kumudha said...

It is so exciting to meet other local vegans.

Delicious vegan desserts at the vegan bakeoff!

Wheeler's Black Label Vegan Ice Cream said...

everything looks delicious! great pictures!

Maxcactus said...

I really don't see how you could have lost the contest. You were wearing your lucky pirate t-shirt too.