Tuesday, March 11, 2008

A Very Happy (Birthday) Meal, Just the Facts, Ma'm

First and foremost, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JARED!!! I made one of his favorite dishes: Red Curry Thai Tofu with steamed cabbage, carrots and broccoli with jasmine rice topped with green onions.

I have been tagged by Billy from Vegan Talk for five facts about myself. Fun!!!

1. I am seriously considering going back to school, possibly in the medical field, probably nursing school to become an R.N. I have been thinking about this for years and it crosses my mind at least once a week. Both my mom and dad are nurses and it would be an honor to follow in their footsteps in a most respected path. It would most likely end my job hunting. I can admit that fear has stopped me from pursuing this but I am tired of being lost.

2. I collect stickers. I especially love cute stickers like animal in space suits (which Jared got me from Borders), Hello Kitty, butterflies and flowers. I have a severe weakness for them, stopping me in my tracks every time I see some at the store. I love to put them on envelopes and letters. I am eternally 5 years old in this area.

3.I love grocery/food shopping. I could easily spend an hour in any supermarket, farmers market, specialty or international grocery store. I love planning meals, making lists, shopping and then putting away my loot.

4. I have recently picked up playing guitar again after a long hiatus. I forgot how lovely it is to create something as pure as music. Jared and I are planning on starting a husband/wife group and hope to start recording soon.

5. I am obsessed with watching shows about crime, real or fiction. I love shows like Law and Order, the First 48 and pretty much anything on TruTV (formerly Court TV) or A&E. If it's mob related, even better. My obbession started with Unsolved Mysteries when I was a kid. The music in that show still scares me a little. Ironically, I hate horror movies. Funny how I am afraid of stuff that will probably never happen to me but fascinated with stuff that could.

I'd like to hear from everybody, but since I have to pick five, I'll pick Theresa from The Tropical Vegan, VeggieGirl, Kamutflake Girl, Leigh from Raspberry Swirl and
Vegan Cowgirl (doesn't her name rock?!)


Theresa said...

Great to learn some random facts about you! I think you should become a nurse, and you can covertly encourage people to eat lots of plant foods for a healthy diet and life.

Liz² said...

oh nommy, that dinner looks amazingly fork-dig-innable! And what cool facts, a husband-wife team for music sounds like so much fun. :D

I'll post up some facts about myself soon, thanks for the tag, too!

Billy said...

It was cool to read about you.

I can spend forever in grocery stores as well.

I also love mob-related shows/movies. Did you get into The Sopranos? If so, don't tell me about it. I'm on season four.

I already tagged VeggieGirl. :)

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Monika K said...

Sweet random facts! I love reading these because it reminds me how much I have in common with my favorite bloggers (beyond the whole food/diet thing). I am also a self-proclaimed Law and Order junkie (and any other related show), although I can't stand anything too scary (I can't even stand to hear the music from Unsolved Mysteries, let alone actually watch it...). (-: And what's so wrong about being perpetually 5? It was a good year, right?!!

missblueberry said...

Go back to school! All the way. Ok - best husband and wife band ever...is STARS. Check them out - they are a canadian band. Their new album is fantastic.

I will get on the five facts tonight. And by the way....nothing better than 1990's Law and Order Lenny....he was almost as good in Dirty Dancing, but the pair up with Chris Noth made it.

Jennifer said...

Happy Birthday Jared!!!

How sweet of you to make him one of his favorite meals, I bet he had a great birthday.

I love reading these little tid bits about my fellow vegan bloggers, they are so much fun.

I like planning meals out too! :-)

I love the husband/wife group, what kind of music will you play?

Vegan_Noodle said...

Yes, happy birthday to jared! Looks like a tasty dinner.

Stickers are fun, aren't they? And I think you should definitely go for the RN. I have been considering going back to school as well and it's a difficult move, just always seems risky. Need to get over that!

Calimaryn said...

Awww Happy Birthday Jared! Your dinner looks unbelievably yummy.

Go back to school, you rock and would do just fine. But honestly, your #3 is so me. I love to shop for food and typically have to hurry myself along or else I spend hours in the grocery store. Often I wonder if there is any real world need for a personal grocery store shopper.

Ashley Nicole said...

That red thai curry tofu dish is making my mouth water at 10:00am this morning!!
I really hope that Jared had an awesome birthday yesterday!!

I'm right there with you on the crime/mob shows (even though I don't watch TV I still tune in for Law and Order & Law & Order: Criminal Intent) and grocery shopping. I can't wait to go to the farmers market this week and wonder around for an hour and talk to random people about what they use certain vegetables for in dishes.

ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

Yum, that looks good!

And I used to collect stickers too!! I had so many sticker albums as a little girl (now, I still buy stickers, but I use them in my scrapbooks).

Rural Vegan said...

Happy birthday Jared!

You can't go wrong becoming an RN; I don't think you'd ever be out of work again. And while it does sound like extremely hard work, I imagine it must be terribly rewarding at times too. Best of luck to you!

VeggieGirl said...

Happy Birthday to Jared!

I'm totally with you on the food-shopping - I'm NEVER in Whole Foods under an hour. I like to take my time :0D

So lovely to learn more about you! And thank you for the tag :0)

Jackie Vetter said...

Happy Birthday, Jared! Looks like you had a wonderful dinner! I'm sure it was delicious as all her stuff is!

Tomorrow is mine and Ken's 35th wedding anniversary. I'm hoping we get to go to the Vietnamese Kitchen!

vko said...

That looks so good- lucky lucky birhday boy! I recognize the part about being eternally five years old- that happens to me when I see anything hello kitty...

Paulina said...

Like you, I also enjoy grocery shopping (a bit too much I think!) and meal planning as well :)

Anonymous said...

awesome to know more about you :) what a nice plate-full of goodies you created!

Billy said...

Thanks for the nice comment about my kids. :)

Veggie said...

I love stickers still too, I have some turtle ones and veg ones on my computer and my recipe binders. I don't know what to put them on, we don't send letters much these days and I always forget to put them on cards.

I read this list to my husband and he wanted to comment that He HAS spent hours in grocery/health food stores following me around.

Happy Herbivore! said...

Happy Bday Jared~!

What an awesome birthday dinner! I love Thai food! I will have to make this asap! (it looks great! I like all the beautiful colors)

Melisser; the Urban Housewife said...

I can see why this would be a favourite meal! yum yum.

#3, yes! I'd love to have a husband / wife music duo as well. Also, I can't watch horror, but can get sucked in to crime dramas!

Jenny Wren said...

Happy Day to Jared! And now I REALLY want some "Red Curry Thai Tofu with steamed cabbage, carrots and broccoli with jasmine rice topped with green onions", oh my!

bazu said...

I loved reading your list! We have a lot in common- I still have some stickers I collected when I was a kid, and I put them on letters and packages too. I love grocery shopping, getting lost in new grocery stores, and checking out local markets when I travel. I play guitar, although very very badly! And I used to be really into true crime type things- I used to read books about serial killers. Crazy- I don't know why!

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