Friday, July 13, 2007

kitchen appliance wish list

If I had a huge kitchen and a lot of money, these are some things I'd want. The first two I will get eventually, but the last three are things I don't necessarily need. That's why these lists are fun!

1. Ice Cream Maker. I borrowed my dad and step mom's once but I wasn't too excited about it at the time. Now that we buy a pint of vegan ice cream just about every week, its getting pricey! Plus, there are some flavor ideas that just aren't in the stores like blueberry pie or peach cobbler that I'd like to master.
I'd like the smaller Cuisinart® Automatic Frozen Yogurt, Ice Cream and Sorbet Maker that makes 1.5 quarts of frozen delights.

2. Bread Machine. My dad emailed me that they got a bread maker and I have been jealous ever since. I use to not be a huge fan of bread however fresh baked bread from the farmers market has changed my tune. Fresh bread goes stale quick so we only get it when we go to the farmers market which is at best twice a week and have to pretty much eat it within a day or two. I would like fresh bread several times a week. Bonus is that we know exactly what is in our bread.
I don't have an opinion really on what brand I want. Just one that works really well.

3. Rice Cooker. We have a veggie steamer that has a bowl to make rice in, which we use at least once a week. A dilemma I have is on the nights I make steamed veggies and rice is it is hard to coordinate. If I do the veggies 1st, they get cold (and we do not have and do not really want a microwave) but if I do rice 1st it gets too sticky. It would just be easier to have one for veggies and one for rice, for me anyway.
Cheap is the way I'd go here. I would like one that keeps the rice warm though.

4. Deep Fryer. This would be a total glutenous purchase but would come in handy. I could make all sorts of awesome fried treats like onion rings, tempura veggies and corn dogs among may other things. I am not sure that I would actually ever buy a fryer but that is why its on a wish list and not in my kitchen.
Don't they make a Baby Fry Daddy or something?

5. Dehydrator. So, yeah, this is on the opposite end from a fryer. Jared loves dried fruits and I think it would be fun to make our own. Plus I always see some pretty amazing raw recipes I'd like to try that call for a dehydrator. I know I could probably mess around my convection oven on low temperatures but since this is a wish list, a dehydrator is going on here.
If I ever got a dehydrator, it would be one I found at a garage sale or something.

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