Monday, August 6, 2007

Big Breakfast, Light Dinner

This past weekend was lazy, hot and humid. I did very little cooking for these reasons but did manage a Saturday morning pancake and maple glazed veggie "sausage" link breakfast. This was just my simple pancake/waffle recipe with whipped Earth Balance with veggie sausage links that I cooked with canola oil and a bit of maple syrup. If you've never had maple syrup on your "sausage" links you're missing out!
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Last night I roasted Brussels sprouts and yellow summer squash in olive oil, sea salt, black pepper and whole garlic cloves. I added the roasted whole garlic cloves along with olive oil and green onions to some couscous I made. Pretty good and very simple. The veggies only took about 20 minutes to roast so the oven wasn't on for too long!
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VeggieGirl said...

brussels sprouts, squash, and couscous - three of my favorite ingredients, all in one dish!! looks fabulous!!

urban vegan said...

"Maple syrup on veggie sausages."

You're onto me!

Anonymous said...

that list you mentioned on my entry would be great, if you wouldn't mind emailing it to me (allie.howie at gmail dot com)!

also, i'm a big fan of syrup on sausages too...glad to see i'm not the only one ;)

theONLYtania said...

Wow, the pancakes look perfect. I love brussels sprouts too.. we could get along. Haha.