Saturday, February 23, 2008

Survey Says!

Jared went out to ride bikes so I am home snuggled up in bed with lots of cookbooks surrounding me and I'm taking a break to fill out this survey I found on Kamutflake Girl's blog. I think these are a fun way to learn about one another . . . so, if you haven't filled this out and are bored or taking a break from something, fill it out too!

1. If you have to choose between locally grown or organic, which do you usually choose?
Honestly, I go with what looks best and has the best price. We are a one income household, so whatever fits our budget works best for us. If I had copious amounts of money, I'd prefer organically grown local stuff ; )

2. Favourite way to prepare potatoes:
Geez, I've never met a potato I didn't like but I am a huge fan of home fries with soy sausage, maple syrup, caramelized onions, salt, black pepper and cayenne pepper. I also like a good oven roasted potato with fresh rosemary, garlic and salt.

3. Do you press your tofu before preparing/cooking it (if you eat soy)?
Not usually, but if I think about it a head of time I will. If I know I will be marinating tofu, I try to press it before hand.

4. Name your favorite recipe that is a tradition in your family:
Which family? I am the product of divorced parents. My dad, step mom and sister always use to make tostadas or feta cheese pasta. I have been able to veganize the tostadas but not the feta cheese pasta. My mom made lots of comfort foods like chicken pot pie, which I have easily veganized.

5. Any food allergies?
More like intolerances. I have a hard time with spinach and tofu. I'll eat the tofu but spinach and me are not friends.

6. When you want to go to a fancy dinner, where do you go?
If we were celebrating something that calls for a fancy pants night, like an anniversary, we'd probably go to Cafe Sunflower. They have a lot of vegan options and very good desserts.

7. When you have a cold, what do you crave?
Sweet iced tea with crackers. Maybe some veggie broth.

8. What kind of water do you drink? (Filtered, spring, tap, etc.)
Tap water that's been run through our water filter pitcher.

9. Name a flavor of soda you'd love to see:
When I was a kid I found bubble gum flavored soda and I LOVED the stuff (bubble gum ice cream was also my favorite). Kinda gross, but I'm sure I'd still like it.

10. If the recipes you ate as a child were compiled into a cookbook, what would the title be?
How I Became Pleasantly Plump

11. If you were allowed to grow one food that can't grow in your climate, what would it be?
I think it would be cool to grow my own coffee beans

12. Favorite type of mushroom?
I really wish I liked mushrooms enough to answer this question properly.

13. Most frustrating part of your kitchen?
We live in an apartment with a small kitchen. It's big enough for one but it's hard to get Jared and I both in the kitchen. Plus all the appliances are kinda old and the wallpaper/cabinets/counter tops are outdated (but not in a cool way). I'd LOVE to have a gas stove so I can make roasted peppers right on the stove top.

14. Last food you burned?
I made Jared a tofurky grilled sandwich and one side of the sandwich was a bit too dark. He still ate it cos he's a sweetie.

15. Usual response to a veg*n's favorite question, "But where do you get your protein?":
Inside, I am kinda annoyed by this question but I usually answer, kindly, that I eat a lot of beans, peanuts/nuts, whole grains, soy milk and broccoli. Sometimes I remind them that protein is over eaten in our culture, and that a healthy diet should only contain about 10% of calories from protein, 30% from fat and 60% from carbs.

16. If you were baking your own birthday cake today, what flavor would it be?
I love a good carrot cake with "cream cheese" icing. I also love strawberry cake with "cream cheese" icing.

17. Favourite brand of chocolate chips?
Whole Foods makes a good and fairly cheap vegan chocolate chip.

18. You have $200 of your tax return reserved for Williams Sonoma - What do you buy?
what a tease!!! I wish I had a gift certificate from Williams Sonoma. If I did I might buy 1 (maybe 2) Le Creuset pans/pots. Or maybe a new food processor and a really good all purpose knife.

19. Do you plan your menus in advance? Any tips to share?
I try to. I usually sit down with my cookbooks for inspiration and ask Jared if this or that sounds good. Sometimes Jared sits with me and looks through cookbooks himself for ideas. Honestly, I also watch a ton of cooking shows to get ideas from. Most shows don't have vegan or even vegetarian meals but I get a lot of ideas from watching them still. I like the challenge of veganizing something.

20. You have 3 minutes before you have to leave the house and you're starving- What do you eat?
piece of bread with soy sausage heated up in the microwave (only takes 2 minutes) with a bit of maple syrup. I'd probably grab a banana too.

21. If Martha Stewart, Paula Deen, and Rachel Ray got into a fight, who would win and how?
Paula Deen is a fellow plump girl, so I think she could take em both! She'd just have to sit on them and stuff sticks of butter in their mouths. EWWW!

22. If you eat oatmeal, what do you add to it before serving?
I am so hooked on steel cut oats. I add vanilla soy milk, ground golden flax seed, a pinch of salt, maple syrup, brown sugar and cinnamon. SOOOO GOOD!

23. If you got to travel to one country and learn all the traditional dishes there, where would you go (ignore commitments in your current place of residence.)
Geez, that's tough. I love Indian food and Thai food . . . so maybe India or Thailand IF I only had to make vegan versions of things. No ghee or fish sauce!

24. Favourite late night snack?
popcorn is always good. We put melted Earth Balance, agave nectar, garlic salt and nutritional yeast on ours. Weird combo BUT sooo yummy. Trust me.

25. Favourite springtime food?
I like a nice light pasta with peas, asparagus, basil, some kind of nut like walnuts or pine nuts, olive oil and sea salt. Strawberries with balsamic vinegar for dessert.

26. Favorite food-related magazine?
Magazines aren't in our budget but I do like to pick up a cute homemade zine from Cosmo's Vegan Shoppe.

27. Which do you prefer: shoyu, tamari, conventional soy sauce, or Bragg's Aminos?
I like tamari but I always buy soy sauce for some reason.

28. What vegetable or fruit do you dislike the most?
I don't like mushrooms or olives the most.

29. Name a holiday food you look forward to all year long:
Cranberry sauce and pumpkin pie.

30. If you could convert anyone to veganism with your magic wand, who would you convert?
You know, I really think it should be someone's own decision. I'm happily married to a vegan, and that's pretty awesome. It WOULD be nice if everyone was vegan, especially my family. I think it would help with a lot of their health problems, if not for any other reason. I am not a preachy vegan but I do tell people I care about that I feel wonderful mentally, spiritually and physically.


ChocolateCoveredVegan said...

I love reading these surveys and learning more about my blogger friends. And I like your choice of a three-minute meal. Ya can't go wrong with maple syrup!

Melody Polakow said...

Cool survey.. I might do this later.

Vegan_Noodle said...

I agree, it's fun to learn about your fellow bloggers!! I need to get around to doing this...

Allie B said...

Ooh! Looks good, I love surveys, I think I shall do this now!